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The quick short answer - Most users don't network and don't own FMP so
the RT (Runtime) is the way to go.
But please read on to make sure.

First, what's the difference?

With the FS (FileMaker Solution) verson you gain the ability to network. The added functionality is there because you are runing CC with FileMaker Pro. It really has nothing to do with CC. FileMaker only allows networking while you are running their app.

The RT (Run Time) version is basically a compact version of FileMaker Pro that developers are allowed to distribute with their solutions which allows users to run their solutions and not have to purchase FMP.

The RT version is not a "Lite" version with missing functionality.
You gain one thing running the FS version NETWORKING, that's it! 

  • Use FS IF:
    • You already own FileMaker Pro.
      CCv5 runs with FMP v16 and up OS X 10.11-10.14

    • You will be loging onto a hosted CC file ( Networking)
      Logging onto to a CCv5 project - FMP v16 and up OS X 10.11-10.14
  • Use RT IF:
    • You don't own FMP and have no immediadte need to network.
      There is no addition cost if you decide you need to switch to the FS version.

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