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With FileMaker you can network locally using a common WiFi network, or log on to a server
connected to the internet. These instructions refer to logging on over the internet.

iPad networking is only available with CueChronicle v4 and v5 projects. 

Download the Free FileMaker GO 16 or 17 app on you iPad.

Befor attempting to log on, your host administrator should supply:

  • Host IP address 
  • The filename of the project (must be a v4 or v5 project).
  • The account name you should use to log on.
  • The password for the account

Make sure your iPad is connected to the internet.
Open FileMaker GO 16 or 17 on your iPad

Tap the Host tab at the bottom then the Hosts text upper left.

iPad Hosts Tab


The "Add Host" dialog will open. Click the + sign.
Enter the Host IP address and Host Name (optional).
Tap Save.

                         iPad Add Hosts               iPad Enter Host

The new host will be added to your Recents list box.

Tap the new Favorite you just created.

                      iPad Host List    

The Select File dialog will open.
Tap the file your host supplied.

iPad File list

The Login Dialog will open. Enter the account name and password your host supplied.
Tap Sign In.

iPad Login

The CueChronicle Project will open showing the Checklist layout.
This could take a few seconds depending on the speed of the server and size of the file.

iPad Checklist
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