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Fixed composer percentage totals on Cue Sheet layout.

percentage totals on Cue Sheet layout do not calculate as expected
Compatible with FMP v16
Fixed “Privilege Violation Occured” error.
Fixed “Object Not Found” error when grabbing PT timecode on 1st cue creation.

  ** CCv4k and below has issues when run with FMP v16 ( Details )**
Fixed “Missing Primary File” error ( RT version)
Reworked functions that connect with Pro Tools
Added Dark Days to Minutes Per Day Calculation
Added PT controls to Editors Layout
Added Film Total Run Time to Reels Layout
Added Scene Number to Spotting Notes Printout

Break minutes pop over on sessions layout pinning issue. 
Expanded revisions and version history print layout

Pref to display dates fields in MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY
Moved and expanded Sessions grid to Checklist > Grid 2
Pref options for creating PT markers
Takes layout now has a pass Filtering
Popover on TakeLog for creating a comp list from circled takes

- v4g

Import from PT EDL text file. 
Spotting notes printout; include notes function. 

New cue dialog uses pop over with the ability to move to next cue.
Import from PT Marker text file
Hide checkbox columns.
All Takes - added pass sub summary.
Take Log - changes & review labels open large pop over for expanded notes 
Re -organized Prefs layout.
Added edit Film/Show title pop over to appropriate layouts.
Added Episode field and sub summary to Checklist ( When Reel / Act Pref set to Act i.e. tv mode)
   ** it’s posible to have multiple episodes in one file ( I don’t really recommend it !!! )
New subtract from duration functionality - option click cue’s duration field.
Edit CueID uses pop over
Re designed Sessions Wraps & Quotas.
Changed the Usage Description field to a user selectable field. ( add new fields)
Control clicking PT Locate button locates to cue end time.
Added new cue sheet usages.

- v4f
** This version uses some new features only found in FMPv13. So it will only with FMPv13 or
the CCv13 runtime ****

Fixed enter footage error prompt when PT is not running. 
Fixed print source options page setup issue
Fixed PT keyboard controls not working on certain layouts.
Fixed graphics issues.

New - Wall Chart printout.
New - Sessions has a quota field that calculates the amount of time to allot to each cue.
New - composer / programmer field to checklist with totals.
New - added new FMPv13 pop overs to handle checkboxes, score group, cue renumber fuctions.
New - pop over on checklist to view cue notes.
New - Renumber cue from selected to end function.

- v4e

Fixed landscape printout clipping issue.
Fixed Spotting notes page breaks option so it works.
Fixed Cue sheet printout to display cue sheet times instead of details times.
Fixed Cue sheet sort menu. 
Added options to append notes fields to spotting notes 
Added options to cue sheet printout.
Added exclude Saturdays - Sundays option in minutes per day calculation.


Primarily PT 11 and OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) support.

New Stuff
Floating notes window on Checklist (see view menu)
AddedTemp Notes (notes 1) to Checklist > Notes layout.
More Editorial Statuses.
Added PT controls to all Cues layouts.
Grab PT in / out on Reels layout
Added Session portal to MixStems layout.
Added print more options to Spotting Notes printout. 
Added new Cue Version Edge number Pref.
New Spot auto enters Score Group and Usage Description. 
Added pre-pend option to Move Spotting Notes function.
Added a Footage offset option to Prefs layout.


--CCv4c is primarily a bug fix release.

USB registration issue
Networking issue with Checklist Sessions columns
Import from Pro Tools Text file issue
Cue Sheet duration recalculated after grabbing times from PT
Fixed Duplicate and Split Cue function issue
TakeLog Sessions portal issues 
Redesigned GoTo Cue Drop Down
RT auto BU issue
Cancel Alpha Task issue
Sessions ToDo Cue# corrected
Editing Timing notes time field corrected
Delete Reel dialog displays correctly
New Spot follows the picture version prefs
Spotting Notes printout page breaks fixed
Checkbox data migrates correctly

New Stuff
Added new layout to Checklist section called Grid. ( Similar to a white board )
Added button to move spotting start/ end data to other notes field
New Reel function redesigned
Added copy end time from previous to New Spot layout
Added user selectable field to Source List printout
Added conditional text coloring pref to Takes pass field
Added Prep Take button
Added Button to copy entitled parties data to found cues.


 Beta testing version, no official release. 

© Vincent Cirilli 2019