New in V5

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Minutes Per Day retains settings now
Minor bug fixes

Fixed Projects fields that couldn’t be cleared.
Import Prefs now works ( form this version up).
Fixed Finds and Filters caused the status bar to stay open.
Added Nickname prefs option to Reels.
Added Sec/Cue to Cue Sheet printout.
Made modifications for Filemaker Cloud Hosting.   

Fixed user custom field on printout issue.
Put Conform Details Back on Cues Details Layout
Fixed Create PT Markers From Found Set.

Fixed a couple printout issues
Fixed a PT controls hiding issue

Added create cues from Google doc function.
Added Usage field to user select drop downs and New Cue popover.

Fixed grab TC from PT on 1st cue.
Fixed create PT marker function.
Added publishers 
default affiliation on Cue Sheet Labels Popover
Added enter published with defaults affiliation to Cue Sheet 
Fixed erroneous value lists on Project > Crew layout

minor fixes
add composers 
affilliation pref on Cue Sheet layout

This is the first release of CCv5.
See the - Whats New In CCv5 Video.


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