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A CueChronicle v5 purchase includes 3 registrations ( 1 CPU,1 USB and 1 iPad ) to be used on devices owned by the purchaser.

 As of 2019, if it has been more than a year since you purchased Cue Chronicle and new versions have been made available, there will be a charge to register a new device.

CPU -  your software is linked to your computers serial number.

USB - a standard USB memory sticks serial number is used to register your software.  Similar to how ILok software protection works.  This allows you to open your projects on any computer as long as the registered USB device is connected.  The USB device functions normally as a storage device. 

iPad - your software is linked to your iPads serial number.

Registered users can purchase additional USB registrations.

Things to consider:

1. Will you be using FileMaker Pro to host your projects with a server?

The computer being used as your server will need to be registered either via CPU or with a USB device for you to do so.

This would be the computer to use a CPU registration on, saving the USB registration to be used when you do not have access to your server. To log on to a hosted CueChronicle project you do not need to have CueChronicle installed on your computer, but you will need the FileMaker Pro or FileMkaer Go application installed on the device you are using to log on with.

2. Do you use different assistants to enter data into your projects?  With the USB registration you could move the projects between your computers without having to re-register the project.  Copy the project to the new computer, insert your registered USB stick and open the project.  When you're finished, move the project and USB stick back to your computer and continue working.

3. Does your company have multiple computers used by different users and FileMaker server capability?  The CPU registration could be used for your server computer while your USB registration will allow CueChronicle RT to be used by different employees that do not own FileMaker Pro.  Registered users can purchase additional USB registrations. Details

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